Power Of Prayer Stories – Cynthia’s Story

Power of Prayer Stories
Here is the first in a series of posts about power of prayer stories. The first is written by Cynthia.

Power Of Prayer Stories – Cynthia’s Story

Some ten years ago at the college, I had a room mate who happened to have issues with sharing. There happened to be a practical class that involved using a sewing pin. Our room was nowhere close to the supermarket where I could go get one. It was an urgent assignment that needed a fast delivery. I walked up to my room mate requesting she lends me her pin for the practical assignment. Fortunately, she lent me her pin.

I hurried out of the room to get to the classroom where I would have a maximum concentration. On getting to the class, I looked in my bag to bring out the pin and, alas, it was nowhere to be found.

I began recalling my movement from the room to the classroom area but that proved futile. The college I attended was in a sandy environment and I knew somehow the pin must have dropped on my way to the class.

I went back to the room, searched everywhere but I couldn’t locate it. I couldn’t summon the courage to ask my roomie if she had seen it.

Knowing the trouble that awaited me, I silently prayed to God, asking him to assist me in finding the pin as I wouldn’t want to be harassed, bullied or beaten by my roommate. When I was done speaking to God, I headed back again to the classroom area, this time, my head was bent while walking and praying to find the pin. Lo and behold, just after taking few steps, I found it in the sand.

Do I hear you say, how did it happen? Honestly I don’t know. It was a miracle to me because I know several students would have walked through that same path and the pin wasn’t buried in the mass of sand. This singular act brought about the beginning of me asking and telling God everything.

Talking To God

I have met several godly people and they have all attested to the nature and power of prayer in their lives. So definitely I understand that, whenever the opportunity arise, it’s for me it pray.

Prayer serves as the primary means of communicating with God. It is a process of communication between God and man. Prayer plays a vital role in every religion – be it in Christendom or otherwise.

The method by which we should pray has been given to us by God according to his word in Matthew 6:9-13.The prayer in this passage shows simplicity, avoiding vain repetitions and appreciating God. This is not a prayer pattern we should just memorize; it is a sample of how to go about our prayer daily. Our prayers should be focused on that which our soul’s desire. This bible passage also teaches us to focus our prayers only to our heavenly Father through Christ Jesus.

Prayer is very important because it connects us to God. Prayers delight God and he always answers them. There are some prayers that are answered instantly just like the one I shared above, while there are some prayers that are not answered as soon as we want them to but they are all answered anyway.

Through prayer, every believer can communicate with their God. Prayer is our direct link to God at any moment. He is always available for us to hear what we have to say. Prayer shouldn’t be seen as a difficult task to do. If you communicate easily with people around you, then doing same with God shouldn’t be difficult. Spending quality time in prayer positions Christians for a proper spiritual growth. 1st Thessalonians 5.17 & Acts 17.11

It is very important that we pray daily with our family members and church members. This should be done on a regular basis. We should cultivate the habit of beginning each day with prayer and ending each day with prayer.

We should always pray as often as we can and wherever we are. Pray for your spouse, children, family, friends, and colleagues at work, employer, pastors, church members, and country and government officials.

  • We can pray in secret if that is what you desire at that time. Matthew 6:6.

Importance Of Prayers

Prayer helps to build our relationship with God. It promotes intimate closeness with God. It makes us feel closer and nearer to him. We have a feeling, he is all around us. As a Christian, you will find it difficult doing things that are wrong for you would feel God is right beside you and watching your every move.

Prayer plays a vital role in overcoming sins and temptation. It should always be our first option. There are people who pray to God to save them only after they have submitted to temptation. This should not be so. Whenever we face temptation, w should PRAY, PRAY and PRAY.

A closed mouth is also a closed destiny. Be aware that God is aware of the things going on around you; all he wants from you is to communicate it with him. Move closer to God and don’t be far away from him.

Prayer opens doors of success, promotions, enlargement and financial breakthroughs for us.

With Prayer, we get to know Gods’ will for our life. When we are to choose a life partner, take up a new job, travel on a journey and so many other things we desire to, it should be communicated to God first so as to know his opinion on the step you want to take. Luke 6:12-17 teaches us how Jesus prayed before choosing his disciples. So many of us have taken a wrong step as a result of our failure in communicating with God.

  • Prayer serves as a major weapon in fighting our spiritual battles. Ephesians 6:10-20
  • Prayer assures us of deliverance, revelation and protection. Psalm 91:1-7
  • With Prayer, our fears are driven away. Psalm 3:1-4

The Power Of Prayer

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective James 5:16-18. Elijah prayed for rain to seize and it happened. He was a man like us. When he needed the rain to fall, he prayed again.

Prayer does whatever you send it to do, it heals the lame, provides, raises the dead, protects and so much more.

We can benefit from this power if we have the boldness to approach God believing that whatever we ask him of him according to his will, he will hear us and do it for us. Whenever we pray, irrespective of the person praying and the purpose behind the prayer, God will definitely answer the prayers only if they are in agreement with God’s will. All of God’s answers to our prayers are not always yes but they are in our best interest always.

Our prayers are not answered based on our eloquence. There is no special phrase or words to get God to answer our prayers. Jesus actually rebuked those who pray using repetitions which is seen in Matthew 6: 7-8. All that is required of us is to ask God for his help.

Put the power of prayer to action today by stating your desires. Whatsoever challenge you are faced with, just PRAY.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, teach me to pray earnestly and according to your will all the days of my life in Jesus name. Amen

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