Looking For Prayer and Cancer Resources?

ResourcesThe primary purpose for founding the Cancer Prayer Network website is to provide a way to pray with as many others as possible for those affected by cancer.

Below you will find a growing list of blog posts both from Cancer Prayer Network and from other blogs and websites that will encourage, inspire and comfort you during these difficult times.

You will also find articles and information about cancer, to support awareness and knowledge of various cancer related topics.

1. Prayers

2. Prayer Articles

3. Scripture

4. Cancer Support Information

5. Cancer Disease Information

  • Cancer.gov – NIH National Cancer Institute
  • Cancer.net – American Society of Clinical Oncology

Other Blogs and Websites

Do you have a website or blog sharing information on any of those these topics? Contact us to get your page or blog post listed on this page.


One thought on “Looking For Prayer and Cancer Resources?

  1. Below is a link to a piece I wrote about my cancer journey…

    I am a runner.

    “Almost 5 years ago, I was forced to stop running. It was not a gradual slow down. Life came to a halt. I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. (If you, like me at the time, don’t know what IV means, there ain’t no V.) Instead of running and filling life with more, more activities, more volunteering, more social events, more I had to cut everything that was not necessary to live and be still.”


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