The Rhythm Of Faith

The Rhythm of FaithThe more I continue the rhythm, the more it makes sense.

I am learning to knit. My grandmother taught me as a child, and I’ve attempted once or twice in the last decades but I saw a beautiful blanket that inspired me to try again. I sought out the current expert, my mom. She was excited about my renewed interest in her beloved hobby and surprised me with needles and massive fluffy grey yarn. We started that night.

Pleasantly, the rhythm seemed familiar. It was awkward and slow but familiar.

I began to develop a style to help me maneuver the giant “needles” and oversized yarn. Slowly I picked up speed and because of the thickness of the yarn. It did not take too long before it began to look like something.

I ventured out on my own and settled into my own cozy spot to continue until I looked down and everything seemed to be a jumbled mess. I was quickly lost and attempted a recovery mission but only more tangles and confusion came.

It was time to head back to the expert. She quickly saw my error and with little effort she pieced the puzzle together and got me back on track.

Then I heard the “Hmm”. Not the long “Hmmmmmm” which is more curious but the clear short “Hmm” when she sees something that needs action; the “we need to fix this now” kind of “Hmm”. The first row, or the cast on row, was done in a way that gathered the end so the blanket was curling up on itself. This is perfectly great for a sweater but not for a blanket.

“Would it destroy you to start over?” she asked.

Surprisingly, I quickly answered, “No, I don’t have a time frame AND I want to do it right.”

So, I started over.

The more I continue the rhythm, the more it makes sense.

This morning is my slow start day. I read and pray usually but today I will knit as well. The first few rows on the needles are definitely disappointing but I want the cozy blanket so I pick up the needles and yarn again. I thought I could read and knit at the same time but apparently that is expert level knitting. Instead I knit a row, then read, then pearl a row then read but then something interesting happened. Something about the rhythm of knitting knitted my thoughts and reading together.

I knit 2 rows and read. The rhythm of knitting gets easier because it is making more sense the more I stick to it. When I set it down and come back, it takes me awhile to get back into the rhythm.

My faith journey has followed that same pattern. I know what I am supposed to do (including pray, read the Bible, church, retreats, trust, tithe, seek, serve, teach etc.) but much of my life I have not had a consistent rhythm.

I go through seasons of consistency but the rhythm gets tripped up. When I pick up the rhythm again, it starts slow but the more I do it, the better I get.

I see the beauty in the consistency. I see beauty in the pattern.

When I look away for a moment, because I am distractible, and get lost, I am learning to see the pattern in the jumbled mess which allows me to backtrack and pick up the pieces before all is lost.

The more I continue the rhythm, the more it makes sense.

Thinking back to that first knitted row and how it was done all wrong for a blanket, I had the choice to continue with that warped row or start over. Starting over was frustrating and disappointing but it had to be done.

I have had seasons of life that started with a warped row because I put my own interests for my life before God’s plan for my life. I acted and reacted then prayed lots when hard times came.

Sometimes in life we need to start over. We need to stop working off that warped row and let go. Although frustrating and disappointing, we must start over to get the end result: God’s good plan.

As I continue to knit, I continue to mess up although less frequently. I mess up and have to back track a stitch or even a row but as I do, it gets easier to fix it and get back into the rhythm. I am grateful for do-overs and God’s abundant grace that allows for big and small do-overs.

As my blanket begins to form again, I see its beauty. It is not perfect but it is still beautiful, inviting, comforting and fulfills its purpose.

The more I continue the rhythm, the more it makes sense.

If I stay consistent in my rhythm, I have less do-overs.
If I stay consistent in my rhythm, it is harder to get lost.
If I stay consistent in my rhythm, I recognize the trip ups.
If I stay consistent in my rhythm, I trip up less.
If I stay consistent in my rhythm, I recover from the trip ups faster.
If I stay consistent in my rhythm, I will weave into something beautiful.
If I stay consistent in my rhythm, I will fulfill my purpose.
If I stay consistent in my rhythm, the end result will be glorious and all worth it.

Guest Author: Ari Heick

Ari is a wife to one, a mother & sister to many. She describes herself as Jesus prayer girl, life cheerleader, mama bear, & a loyal friend. Her friends describe her as a carrier of peace, dependable, solid, creative, & a survivor. Ari and her husband live outside of Chicago where they raise their family, enjoy community, & church. Family time, bible studies, hosting parties, walks in the city & in the woods, listening to the ocean roar, and skiing down mountains are her favorite places to escape to.

Her walk with God: “I have a passion for writing and listening to people’s stories. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I believe in abundant grace and loving others well. I am challenged and a student in both of these areas.”

Visit her at or on facebook @gracegritlove.

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